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Start Your Career in Israeli Hi-Tech with our Course

Course by Darya Afonina

Is this for you?

  1. Are you coming from different countries, eager to pursue a career in Israeli Hi-Tech, but feeling uncertain about where to start?

  2. Struggling to create a compelling resume that grabs employers' attention and showcases your diverse skill set?

  3. Worried about preparing for job interviews in a new cultural and professional environment?

  4. Uncertain about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers in Israel?

  5. Wondering how to navigate the Israeli job market, find the best opportunities, and leverage referrals effectively?

What will you know after the course

  1. Creating an Effective Resume: Learn to craft a compelling resume customized for each job position

  2. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: Properly format your LinkedIn profile and use it strategically for job hunting

  3. Effective Job Search Strategies: Learn how to send resumes, use friend referrals, and follow up on applications to maximize job opportunities

  4. Interview Stages and Preparation: Discover the different interview stages, what to expect, and how to prepare for each step to confidently navigate all types of job interviews


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I am Darya, your Career Coach in Israel

With over 7 years of experience in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, I'm passionate about empowering individuals to succeed in their careers. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of mentoring and guiding tens of individuals to secure rewarding positions in Hi-Tech while helping them master their CVs and job search process.

Drawing from my extensive experience, I've distilled all my knowledge into a concise and powerful online course. This step-by-step methodology takes the uncertainty out of finding a job in the competitive Hi-Tech market. Packed with invaluable insights and industry-specific tips, my course equips you to confidently pursue your dream career.

No more uncertainty and guesswork! Join me on this exciting journey, and let's unlock your true potential together!

Career Coach



Defining Positions in Israel's Market According to Your Background

Mastering CV Creation - Showcasing Your Skills Effectively

LinkedIn  - Crafting an Impressive Profile

Job Application Tactics - Mastering the CV Sending Strategy

Leveraging Friend's Referrals - The Power of Networking in Your Job Search

The Art of Follow-Up - Maximizing Opportunities in Your Job Search

Interview Process - Understanding Each Stage with Confidence

Interview Preparation - Strategies for Excelling in Every Stage

Hesitating? Check out some of the testimonials

client testimonial
Darya's online course on navigating the Israeli Hi-Tech job market is an absolute gem! Her step-by-step methodology takes away the guesswork, allowing you to dive right in and kickstart your job search with confidence.

Ekaterina Badalian

client testimonial
Excellent course! Super user-friendly format of short videos on specific topics helps to stay focused. I liked the promptness and detailed response to questions in the comments. Receiving swift feedback is wonderful as it allows you to continue your studies without delay.

Aleksei Shorin

client testimonial
I really enjoyed the course. The material is rich, well-structured, and tailored specifically for the Israeli
Hi-Tech market. I especially liked the document templates for various stages of the job search, particularly those related to resume submission statistics. Inarguably a significant resource.

Ekaterina Begliarova

30Min Short Consulting Call



Get answers to your specific case and questions (1-2 topics)

Great for checking CV and/or Linkedin profile

Help with home assignment or interview preparation

Suitable for asking questions about your strategy

Purchase can be included in the Mentoring if that follows

1h Consulting Session+Online Course FREE



You already know a lot, but you need to have a STRATEGIC boost to your search

1h strategic session for pointing how to improve YOUR search

Access to my personal database of referrals to top companies

Instant access to the online course with all tips and trick

4h Mentoring Sessions+Online Course FREE



Guiding you towards YOUR Success

We will define your goals and strategy together

Regular calls to track progress and address concerns

Anytime support via Telegram for urgent questions

Access to my personal database of referrals to top companies

Instant access to the online course with all tips and tricks

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